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Elevate your data analysis strategy with Trinity Bi.
Trinity Bi offers a consolidated Risk Management Framework (RMF), presenting all essential cybersecurity insights within a singular Common Operating Picture (COP).

How Trinity BI™ Works

Our sophisticated Business Intelligence platform integrates pivotal security processes into the system development lifecycle and process monitoring, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.


Discover Our Unique Features

More than 10 different data sources managers.

Automated workers for interactive data manipulation.

Life data notifications for pre-programmed events

Dynamic graphic update based on data change.

Centralized security and access control via TripleEnable Platform

Data protection and encryption

Powerful and customizable Drill-through report and graphic design tool

Drill down reports and graphics

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Use your phone to detect unusual activity on your account or if you are accidentally locked out of your account.

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Is an interactive reporting dashboard through data manipulation and its powerful data processing engine.

All your data, users and connections are secure by TripleEnable technology

As much as cohesive, precise and accurate the data processor engine is for your data analysis and report flexibility means for your business needs, Trinity if for you.

Trinity is capable of managing millions of records in seconds, all you need is the capacity to store it.

In a fase 2 Trinity will be capable of connect to message queue’s and analyze data on the fly